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  • Ron Jeffries
    Jun 14, 2013

      On Jun 14, 2013, at 6:25 PM, Charles Bradley - Professional Scrum Trainer and Coach <chuck-lists2@...> wrote:

      To scale to a large number of stories, I much prefer Lee Henson's Rapid Release Planning over the "put it on the wall/table approaches".  RRP encourages individuals and interactions, teamwork, and collaboration, while allowing for "parallel processing" efficiencies. It also uses time-boxes, which help keep the process efficient:
      (The main RRP technique is described in the last few pages)

      Can't say I'm very fond of that slide set. It seems to be a melange of every idea in Agile Planning, with a little something for everyone.

      One Particularly Bad Idea is the notion of mixing Must Have, Should Have, Could Have and Would Like into each Sprint.

      That strategy is demonstrably inferior to doing all the important things first. Its sole advantage(?) is that if you happen not to get something done you can say "well, we didn't really want it that badly anyway". Arrgh.

      The notion of the PO (cloud(!)) estimating things is also … questionable. It seems he's using it to identify things that the team does not understand. That's a good thing to accomplish, but I don't see why the PO estimating development time is a useful way to do that. To make it fair, can the developers express their expectations for feature revenue? :)

      Ron Jeffries
      I know we always like to say it'll be easier to do it now than it
      will be to do it later. Not likely. I plan to be smarter later than
      I am now, so I think it'll be just as easy later, maybe even easier.
      Why pay now when we can pay later?

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