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56883Re: [scrumdevelopment] How to motivate team members Individually?

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  • Ali H. Moghadam
    May 8, 2013
      Hi Ensieh,

      It is logically true that a manager should appreciate a brilliant team member. But the question is how can she find out which team member is better than the others? If the manager is going to evaluate each person separately, then she will kill the team morale. It will cause the team members to compete with each other, rather than cooperating. Yes, What I am saying means that most of the regular evaluation methods are bad (at least for teams). 

      This does not mean that everybody should be paid equally. The managers evaluate each person's abilities separately and regularly, and that would be the basis of hourly rates and salaries. But the product (and the project) belongs to the team. If the team has done a good job, then the team deserves an award. And the team is the only one who knows how to administrate this award.

      Let the team to evaluate each team member. This will reinforce their team morale, and cooperation. Each team member should consider other team members as bosses! They should mind each other, and do their best to help other team members and to make them happy and satisfied. 

      You may find this article by Jurgen Appelo interesting and useful: 
      It is part of Jurgen's Management 3.0 idea; practices for agile leadership. 
      I suggest it to be used along side with the Kudo Box, another Management 3.0 practice:

      I hope these practices help you too, as much as they helped me!

      - Alix


      On May 6, 2013, at 2:50 PM, Ensieh Mohseni <en.mohseni@...> wrote:


      Dear Sir/Madam, 

      We have just started applying Scrum in our firm (a Software developer firm). I was wondering how we should motivate team members in scrum, when we emphasize on team rather than individuals. What should the top managers do for motivating a team member who has a brilliant performance in the team, while the compensation and awards in Scrum seems to be applied to the whole team equally? 


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