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  • Gary F
    Dec 7, 2004
      --- Dawn <dawn@...> wrote:

      > Dividing into multiple forums as was suggested does feel unnatural
      > and, as
      > somebody pointed out, would result in confusion as to what list would
      > give
      > the best experience. AND would result in a lot of good information

      A number of people have mentioned the confusion and balkanization that
      would result from multiple forums. I disagree.

      Confusion as to the appropriate forum is essentially the same problem
      as with confusion as to what keyword to put into the subject. People
      who are using the keywords as filters are in the same situation as
      people who only subscribe to a subset of the lists/forums.

      The (bad) balkanization problem is a result of both divisions that
      aren't well defined and the technology. Mailing lists and news groups
      are particularly prone to this problem, but other online forums can
      reduce or even eliminate the problem. Many bboards allow discussions
      to be moved from one forum (really a subforum) to another.

      Personally, my favorite is the Propsero technology, use by many
      services and available at DelphiForums for individuals and groups.
      See, for example, Inifinite Loops (general programming discussion) at
      http://forums.delphiforums.com/infinite_loops/messages or the About
      Linux forum at http://forums.about.com/ab-linux/messages .

      My point is that these are all problems that can be solved. To borrow
      from Ken Schwaber's first exercise at the Scrum class, we should be
      looking at this issue from the "yes, and..." perspective, not the "yes,
      but ..." perspective.


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