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56702Re: sprint tangle

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  • Gil Broza
    Apr 1, 2013

      It sounds to me that the team could use some quick wins. Those are usually to be had from properly splitting stories (using evolutionary design thinking), working in short cycles (1-2 weeks), and effectively closing the feedback loop with the product owner. Quick wins are tangible examples of getting to done and they build teamwork and energy. Whether you break Scrum or not is less important, IMHO, than for the team to demonstrate to themselves that they can build working software by coming together.

      However, quick wins lose their edge if the team has no incentive to get to done. That happens when there's no prospect for releasing that done code anytime soon. If your team is working within a framework that deploys to production every few months, you may well need to have a meeting with the entire Agile team to help them see the value of getting-to-done despite lengthy product cycles. A simulation might help.

      All the best,

      Gil Broza
      Author, "The Human Side of Agile: How to Help Your Team Deliver"
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