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56691Re: [scrumdevelopment] Sprint Goal and user stories

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  • Jesse Houwing
    Mar 15, 2013
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      1) not really relevant
      2) Preferably yes. Otherwise, what is the story doing in that sprint, as it doesn't serve the overall goal. A set of stories with a common goal help to provide focus to the team and therefore reduce the amount of context switches.
      3) Sprint Goal and Definition of Done are unrelated. The Definition of Done requires that all user stories that are completed are actually completely done. All stories can be completed according to the DoD, but you might still not meet the sprint goal. Or you might only be able to finish 1 out of 3 stories and still meet the sprint goal. Whenever a sprint goal becomes obsolete, the sprint should be cancelled (should not happen often).

      Look at it like this, if the sprint goal is to enable user registration for your application, and you have a set of stories that are related to this goal, one allowing email registration and web registration. Then you would meet the goal when one of these stories is completed according to the definition of done. When the team cannot implement any of these scenarios in the sprint, but they might be able to provide a phone based registration system in the interim, then that solution would still fit the sprint goal and it can be proposed to the Product Owner as a viable solution.

      So where Sprint Goal provides direction to the team to keep them focussed, the DoD serves as a means to ensure high quality delivery.

      On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 5:50 PM, Gercel Silva <gercel@...> wrote:

      Maybe you could help me understand something about how to use the sprint goal when the backlog is described with user stories. The Scrum Guide says:
       "The Sprint Goal gives the Development Team some flexibility regarding the functionality implemented within the Sprint."
      I understand that the goal is crafted after the dev team has selected the functionality they forecast to deliver by the end of the sprint. I also understand that the team may negotiate with the PO the scope of the sprint backlog as they learn more about the product.
      Having said that, I have 3 questions:
      1) How often stories are added/removed from the sprint in the teams you work with?
      2) Should every story be linked to the sprint goal?
      3) How would you relate the sprint goal with the delivery of stories according to the definition of done?

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