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56662Re: [scrumdevelopment] Questions about shifting from traditional project management to SCRUM

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  • Nirmala Jegadheesan
    Mar 2, 2013
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         Coaching the team for Acrum practices is essential and inevitable for anybody before jumping into it. If my answer sounded for skipping it I am sorry. Any level or size of company do the scrum coaching before they take it up. But handling immature teams is almost happens everywhere. With some good handholding, training and expert process tailoring within 5-6 sprints the team can come to a speed. I have worked with teams where a properly trained scrum master himself training the teams and do the handholding. Hope this helps.

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      I think the old style PMOs are not good candidates for ScramMaster role, as the SM should have a good understanding of servant leadership and scrum rules. The nearest role to a Project Manager in scrum is Product Owner, who is responsible for the product, the priorities, and the plan. The only difference is he has not any authority over the team, but the product backlog.

      If the team is not mature, maybe they should not start doing any project at all! In this situation, I recommend to hire a Scrum Coach, instead of forcing the scram master to do Command-and-control and take the responsibility of the team.

      On Feb 28, 2013, at 11:27 AM, Nirmala Jegadheesan <jnirmala@...> wrote:
        In practical situations, the Scrum Master cannot stop from just advising the team. When the team is new and immature regarding the agile processes the Scrm master should do some hand holding until the team sets itself on the roll. Usually the Scrum Master organizes the retrospective meetings and track the decsions if implemented properly within the team. When there is a new process coming up, the PMO team should take up these roles inorder to mingle with the team and the process.

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      On Feb 24, 2013, at 8:03 AM, Nirmala Jegadheesan <jnirmala@...> wrote:
      Either a project or a product the team would require a SCRUM master who actually does the "Project Controlling " part. Hence based on the project style the PMO members can get distributed among the SCRUM teams and take up roles like SCRUM MASter, Product owner or Retrospective Handler. But in all the cases, the involvment given by the PMO team in SCRUM methods would be more deeper and clearer than when you have performed in tradional methods. Can explain in detail if you have more questions.

      I don't understand. The ScrumMaster is not supposed to do any "controlling" as far as I know. And I'm not aware of the role "Retrospective Handler" at all.

      Ron Jeffries
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