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56659Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Can someone explain the benefit to de-coupled story and task estimates?

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Mar 2, 2013
      Hi Avi,

      On Mar 2, 2013, at 3:25 AM, "avinap77" <avi.naparstek@...> wrote:

      Story estimates are used by the PO to plan releases (long term planning).

      Long-term planning is risky business for a process focused on steering based on the current real situation, as it "calls the shot" for those who read the plan, and therefore makes it dangerous for the Product Owner to change plans, as it invites questions.

      Task estimates are used by the dev-team to plan their day-to-day work towards the end of the sprint (short-term planning).

      If a team wanted to do this, then under the principle of self-organization, it should be allowed. It would surprise me to find a team that found it useful, much less a team who actually wanted to do it. 

      If a team did choose to do it, then one might think that estimates should be made during the Sprint, when there is more information, rather than at the beginning.

      None of these are supposed to be used to track actuals (past). They are just tools to help planning ahead (future).

      And yet many teams do compare estimates and actuals. This is usually pernicious, because it drives estimates upward.

      Ron Jeffries
      If it is more than you need, it is waste. -- Andy Seidl

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