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56580Re: [scrumdevelopment] no more work left in a sprint

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  • Michael James
    Feb 11, 2013
      Agree with that.  Though I want to emphasize that every time I've heard "we're done early" it turned out the work wasn't really *done*.


      On Feb 11, 2013, at 10:54 AM, Markus Gaertner <mgaertne@...> wrote:


      I'd get together with my team and my product owner, and decide about the best option to go for. That could mean to pay down some technical debt, add some more unit tests, develop some more business facing test automation, or pull the next tiny story suitable for the two days into the sprint, but not to commit on it. That could also mean to do some pre-planning on the stories to come, add some acceptance criteria, or, or, or...

      And I would let the Scrum team decide on that.


      On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 5:23 PM, Christof Zahn <czahn@...> wrote:

      hi group,
      this is my first topic in that fabulous discussion group! I'm so excited! :)

      Here's my question:
      We're now almost at the end of a sprint. There are 4 day left. When we take a look at our burndown chart, the forecast says we will finish the sprint two days earlier than planned. 
      There is no more work left in the sprint backlog.

      So, what would you do, if the work will finish earlier?
      a) Stop/Finish the sprint, make the review and start into the next sprint?
      b) Add some more work from the product backlog that fit into these 2 days?
      c) Let the developer do something totally different? 

      I look forward to your reply


      Dipl.-Inform. Markus Gärtner
      Author of ATDD by Example - A Practical Guide to Acceptance Test-Driven Development
      Twitter: @mgaertne

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