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56563Re: How many sprints?

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  • avinap77
    Jan 24, 2013
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      Hi Greg.

      With just one sprint behind you and a newly formed team (as I undetstood), any attempt to estimate a handful of epics will be rough and initial.

      Once your PO and team are borh aware of this and accept it, you can try and give an educated guess as to the scale of work. Does it feel like a 1-2 month project? a 3-6 month project? a more-than-6-month project?

      At the stage you are in I would not try to estimate any more accurately than that. Your team will likely be able to give that level of estimate very quickly (within minutes) and it should be enough for your PO to start release planning.

      As the project progresses you are all (PO+team) likely to make better estimates and better product decisions based on them.

      Remember negotiating scope doesn't end at sprint 0. It's an ongoing activity taking place each sprint. My experience is most projects start with a fixed date and negotiable scipe, and end up with flexibility on borh scope and time. That's a good goal to aim at - keep everyone flexible and open to unexpected outcomes.

      The key is buildibg trust and cooperation between the team and PO. I'd recommend the Scrum master (you?) to gradually steer the discussions from "how long will it take to complete these epics" to "what's the next most valuable epic/story we should work on, and how can we get it done with high quality and as little effort as possible".

      This takes time and patience. And is extremely rewarding and effective once it's achieved.


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Greg Robinson wrote:
      > Hello, my Product Owner asked how many sprints will it take for the team to
      > complete several of the epics on our product backlog. We are a brand new
      > team (only 1 sprint under our belt) and not all of the epics have been
      > decomposed into stories and estimated. About 50% of two of our epics have
      > been decomposed into stories and three other epics havent been touched yet.
      > I understand time is fixed and scope is negotiable, but without the team
      > having determined their velocity nor finished decomposing the epics, what
      > is an appropriate response? Any suggestions, tips, or articles are
      > welcomed.
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Greg
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