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56398Another User Story terminology thread - Epics/Themes

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  • Charles Bradley - Professional Scrum Trai
    Dec 19, 2012
      No, it's not what you're thinking... at least it's not about an article or anything like that.

      Here it is...

      In the earlier works on User Stories (Cohn, at least -- maybe there's more), the concept of an "Epic" was something like a "big story" or "a story too big to fit into a sprint".  A "Theme" was something like "a collection of related stories." 

      In more recent years, I haven't seen much use of the term Theme, but I have seen quite a bit of use of the term Epic, to mean *either* a big story, *or* a collection of Stories(thus taking on the meaning of a Theme).

      I've noticed this in the last few years.  I first noticed it in one of my clients 3 years ago(especially in use at the D/Director/VP level), then I noticed it in Pivotal Tracker and Greenhopper in the last year. 

      Has anyone else seen this use(misuse?) of the terminology?  Do we (as a community, and as practitioners) care that the term has been co-opted?  Is the impact so small as to not worry about it?
      Charles Bradley
      Scrum Coach-in-Chief

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