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56353Search: "Model Management Communicat​ion And Informatio​n SCRUM teams

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  • samyrpb81
    Dec 3, 2012
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      Dear Participant,

      I'm promoting the study "Management Model for Communication and Information for SCRUM development teams" as an activity of my dissertation, which seeks to analyze how agile development teams, who work in the market of software development, specifically those working with SCRUM process model, dealing with the process of communication and information management that arise at all times within the team.

      The research objectives are:

      a) Review the techniques and / or tools used by agile development teams, to enable the management of communication and information management within the software development process;

      b) Identify best practices;

      c) Propose a model of communication and information management, based on the recommendations in existing process models applied in the area of project management (PMBOK and PRINCE2), that fits the circumstances and needs of a software development environment that uses the agile methodology, but specifically SCRUM.

      Obviously, the data companies are confidential and will disclose only the consolidated data for those who are interested in receiving the final report.

      To enter, simply answer the online form at:

      https://docs.google.com/ spreadsheet/viewform?formkey= dHY0UVRMTDRBRDI2VU1CRWJYYWxCZk E6MA

      Feel free to disseminate this research to other professionals in the area of technology that could contribute to the quality of this research.

      Very grateful for your support and time dedicated