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56293Re: How to increase velocity

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  • banshee858
    Nov 28, 2012
      > Your boss wants your team to deliver certain functionality by a certain date (deadline), but
      > your velocity is unable to achieve that. What options/suggestions do you have for your
      > management who really want this to get done? More people? Overtime? What else to
      > increase the velocity?
      I agree with Ron's main point - cut features. I'd also echo what someone else said in this thread "Ask the Team."

      However, perhaps cutting features is not (perceived) as possible. In that case, if your organization truly has the resources available then it may make sense to hire more people. If you have more people available, you can do more things and increase output. Keep in mind, adding more bodies does not increase output overnight and at some point, too many people degrades your ability to deliver.

      There are some technical trainings you might be able to do to help the Team improve their capability to deliver and improve quality, but I would consider those types of things a longterm investment. IME, any sort of investment in technical skills takes about 3 to 4 months to work their way into increased TEAM capability because the Team needs to continue to work with their legacy code.

      Overtime is always an option, but I would recommend against reaching for the overtime lever since it burns out people, decreases morales, decreases quality and diminishes the ability of the Team to deliver a high-quality product that can change over time.

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