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  • changjiang1124@gmail.com
    Nov 25 8:38 PM
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      Thanks Charles, the chart is very practical.

      Best regards
      Chang, Jiang

      On Nov 22, 2012, at 4:21 AM, Charles Bradley - Scrum Coach CSP CSM PSM I <chuck-lists2@...> wrote:



      The same techniques apply to Scrum within your own company as they do with external customers.  Someone, somewhere, makes a decision that this "emergency" is worth the cost of (delay to other projects + context switching time).  In Scrum, the only thing we require is that the PO approves of the emergency.

      I always suggest to try and use Scrum's empirical planning techniques to be able to make that "emergency" cost visible and transparent to *all* of your stakeholders.  (For instance, "Dear stakeholders, due to emergency X, we estimate that all current releases, assuming scope remains constant, will be delayed by 4 business days.  Further, we estimate that it will cost about $12K to resolve emergency X." (You can always follow up with the more real numbers later after you know how long it took to resolve emergency X) 

      That tends to cut down on the so called "emergencies", but they still sometimes happen.  Numerous emergencies often means there is dysfunction/impediments that need to be removed.  Retrospect heavily on these incidents.

      You may find my "Bradley Bug Chart" helpful as it covers *one way* of handling production support emergencies and bugs in Scrum:
      Charles Bradley

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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum within your own company

      Hi guys:
      As I've been reminded, I repost the following to a new thread.

      I am new to this group, should have much to learn from you guys.

      I see here we always talk about "customer", does Scrum only fit kinda outsourcing development? What about doing your own products? That means, you will always get feedbacks from your customers, like bugs or wanted features, sometimes you need to reply them within several hours. And you still need to keep pace on your own milestones. 

      @George, thanks for your reply. 
      I can understand you should see your product owner as your customers. But when your customers are in your company, means they can always bring some "emergency" to you, from your business partners, or VIP customers, and if you don't want to slow down the business, you should pause what you are doing and support the "emergency", sometimes it may last several weeks, some or all of your devs may be occupied during this period. This would mess your whole plan.

      Best regards
      Chang, Jiang

      Best regards
      Chang, Jiang

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