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56268Re: [scrumdevelopment] Non-cross functional team

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  • Steve Berczuk
    Nov 25, 2012
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      I've found that it's generally more useful to have the stories be end to end; it will probably be hard to have any meaningful stories that are just mobile or just web client or just server. (OK, maybe, but...) So it sounds like people will need to work together. 

      Try to estimate them together.  Treating them as end to end features might even give you some benefits; if you did the server side first then the UI next you might have more re-work then if you did them together. (Imagine a conversation that goes "if you did the server API _this way_ the client would be easier to code.)

      I can also imagine that there is more in common with the Web-server and mobile-server interfaces than not.

      And who knows, maybe people will learn to do different things and enjoy it :)

      On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 2:55 AM, marvin438android <marvin.438@...> wrote:

      I am working as Scrum Master for a team of 6 developers. We are building a system with a server, a mobile client and a web client.

      The team is not cross-functional. We have
      1 mobile developer
      2 server & web client developers
      2 developers capable of doing server, web client and mobile development

      Should we try to estimate mobile / server work for stories separately (i.e. each story get two differently point-estimates) or bundle all work into one estimate?
      If we have only one bundled estimate it becomes difficult to select stories in planning since mobile and server capacities are not the same. We may end up in a situation where mobile developers have too much work and server developers too little.
      Even if we give separate mobile / server estimates for all stories (and measure velocity separately), forecasting is difficult because some team members can do both kinds of work.

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