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56195Re: [scrumdevelopment] limited interaction between developers

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  • Michael Vizdos
    Nov 3, 2012

      Ask the team why this is happening. One of the jobs of a ScrumMaster is to facilitate the team in having discussions about impediments like this (and there are a lot of outcomes or root causes like the ones already mentioned in this thread so far).

      The best solution is talk to the team about this. Someone on the team probably has some ideas. Pick one. Get started. And watch.

      This could be a great topic for a retrospective.

      Mike Vizdos

      On Oct 31, 2012 7:21 AM, "xtremenilanjan" <nilanjanb@...> wrote:

      In some teams I notice that each developer works on his own story and there is limited interaction between developers.

      I think the reason is that we are attempting multiple, unrelated stories/epics. We should probably complete one epic at a time.

      Is this a common problem with new teams?

      - Nilanjan

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