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56193Re: [scrumdevelopment] limited interaction between developers

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  • Adrian Howard
    Nov 3, 2012
      On 31 October 2012 11:57, Jesse Houwing <jesse.houwing@...> wrote:
      Yes, it is very common. A lot of people find it easier to work on their own, in their own pace on their own thing in their own way. Collaboration will lead to critique, conflicting ideas, less facebook-time etc and many people are not open to that until they really start to feel the benefits:

      ... and there are also often many organisational factors that cause people to work alone.

      * reward/punishment based on individual 'productivity'
      * zero-sum incentive schemes where if one person 'wins' somebody else 'loses'
      * management seeing talking / pairing as waste

      ... and so on.

      I'm not saying that developer preference isn't a part of this - but I often find that it appears to have been shaped by the organisation those developers sit in. They've been broken.


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