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56172Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Product Owner and retrospectives

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Oct 31, 2012

      On 10/31/12 10:27 AM, banshee858 wrote:
      >> In a normal organization (medium-to-high fear), everyone's got to buck up and pretend
      >> people with management power don't affect their behavior, out of fear or a lack of self
      >> awareness. Teams in these organizations are even less likely to reach higher levels of self
      >> management if we make a hard and fast rule that the PO must always attend every team
      >> meeting.
      > MJ - that was not the question: should the PO always attend every
      > Team meeting.
      > IMO, the PO should go to the Retrospective. They were part of the
      > dynamic that created the Sprint results. They should participate in
      > the Retrospective and offer their feedback to the Team and receive
      > the Team's feedback.

      I've see POs who were very participatory and part of the team. I've seen
      POs who were formerly called Managers and who felt their contribution
      was to wring as much work out of the development team as possible. And
      I've seen a lot of different things in between.

      Having a retrospective with a "command and control product owner" might
      be useful, but unless facilitated by someone who can defuse the power
      games, might be damaging. I suspect you've not been in that sort of

      - George

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