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55726Re: Weakness in Product Management?

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  • jamesjhawkins
    Sep 10, 2012
      Hello Charles,

      > I have seen cases in the past of a PO who has a technical background trying to poke into the "How?", which as we all know, is owned by the Dev Team.

      [Jim] Personally, I think there should be overlap. Without overlap, how can there be engagement?
      In other words, I think the PO should be allowed to ask how it works because that's a form of engagement.

      > > evidence that I had explained the user stories correctly,
      > My first curiosity question about your situation would be: When you collaborated with the Dev Team, did you and the Dev Team come to a shared understanding as to the Story Tests before development began? 
      [Jim] Here's some background on the project that I'm using as my example.
      The required product was a port of an existing application to a new platform. None of us knew the details of the new platform with respect to the capabilities that we would need.
      Every time around the Sprint, we would have Sprint Planning and initial discussion and estimation of the details of the candidate user stories. Then the Scrum coders would start investigating relevant platform capabilities, while the Scrum testers started writing tests.
      Obliquely, because of the need to do platform capability investigation, the team started doing test-led design. They liked it.
      I'm not sure if you'd count this as a shared understanding.

      > My second curiosity question would be: Were you, as the PO, "accepting" stories during the sprint, as soon as the Dev Team thought the story was "Done?"
      [Jim] That's easier to answer: No. Stories were only ever marked Done at the End-of-Sprint Demo.

      Cheers, Jim
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