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55687Re: Weakness in Product Management?

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  • Steve
    Sep 6, 2012
      Hi Charles

      >>Someone at Agile2012 tweeted something that stuck with me and it continues to bother me some... it was along the lines of "Seems like most [Agile2012] sessions are still about building things right instead of deciding whether the thing is worth building at all."<<

      I think that this is because nearly all conference seesions focus on the project activities and even though there is plenty of 'business value' talk in all of the frameworks there is little said about governance.

      My understanding of XP (little) suggests that governance is not needed but someone has to come up with the 'big-picture idea' and have it validated.

      I spend a lot of time with my clients getting their governance processes aligned with what Agile projects need.

      Maybe I need to write a paper and get myself on the conference circuit platforms!

      Governance is the next Agile aspect that we have to crack to reduce your tweeter perceptions.

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