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55519Re: [scrumdevelopment] Sprint Duration and Sprint Cancellation

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  • Michael Wollin
    Aug 8 12:59 PM
      Another rule about sprint length in Scrum is that once you choose the length of your sprints, you don't change it (so much). 

      On Jul 24, 2012, at 11:43 AM, Charles Bradley - Scrum Coach CSP CSM PSM I wrote:



      The only rule about Sprint length in Scrum is that Sprints cannot be longer than one calendar month.    Another rule is that all sprints start immediately following the conclusion of the previous one, with no time in between.

      In this situation, based only on the details you have shared, my recommendation would be to:
      a) Follow the procedures outlined in the Scrum Guide in the section titles "Cancelling a Sprint".
      b) Start the new sprint immediately.
      c) If necessary, and if the team so desires, extend the next sprint so that it ends on a day where it is comfortable for the team to achieve a new rhythm or cadence.  Changing your sprint length is very rare, because the change causes complication to transparency, inspection, and adaptation, so I don't recommend doing it very often.

      Since Sprint 2 was cancelled, there is a new Sprint, and my recommendation would be to call it Sprint 3.

      Cancelling a Sprint is very rare and uncommon.  It is possible that your team is inappropriately cancelling a sprint, but I could not determine that based on the context you provided.
      Charles Bradley

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      Why do we have 2 weeks or 4 weeks Sprint duration. Is it not a rule to have 3 weeks duration?
      When we will begin the Sprint if a Sprint is cancelled? If we cancel Sprint 2, do we begin as Sprint 2 or Sprint 3?


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