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5547Re: [scrumdevelopment] ScrumForums.com (was Question)

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  • Christian E. Gruber
    Dec 1, 2004
      Kudos for initiative, Micheal.

      Wow. Lots to think about. Most of which I'll post in a different
      message, since it's about the overall topic. I will just suggest that a
      good moderator is not necessarily an experienced Scrum practitioner,
      though B might often imply A. Good moderators are people who can, in
      the words of an old friend "encourage the meek and quell the
      loquacious". Such a person may but might not be a Scrum old-timer.
      Just keep it all in mind.

      For forum site such as this, I'd recommend a newbie "getting started'
      forum with a "sticky" FAQ, and a regular committment of its moderator to
      comb the thread and pull out FAQ material.

      The only push-back I'd have is that I think having a list in which
      all... er... Scrumbags?... can participate is entirely worthwhile. The
      intimidation factor needs to be addressed, and tangents need to be
      handled, but overall the community building of this sort of forum cannot
      be overestimated. As long as this effect can be replicated in the fora,
      then it's not really push-back, as much as a requirement for the backlog.

      Christian Gruber

      Michael Bannen wrote:

      > *_Pilot_*: As a pilot, over the next 10 days I'm setting up
      > ScrumForums.com as a scrum bulletin board.
      > *_Competition_*: the site is _not_ intended to be competition w/this
      > list, but rather an exploration of more effective means of supporting
      > greater and more diverse interest in SCRUM. If this functionality is
      > eventually added to the scrum alliance site, then we can shut this
      > site down, or....whatever.
      > *_Moderators_*: I'm hopeful that some of the very senior Scrum folks
      > on here will agree to moderate.
      > *_Forums_*: If you have ideas on the initial forums that should be
      > created, please email me.
      > *_Reviewers_*: If you don't have ideas on topics but are willing to
      > 'vote' on them, please send me your email address and I will contact
      > you off line.
      > *_Push back_*: please push back if you think this is not a worthwhile
      > exercise. I'll do it anyway, but all feedback is useful.
      > - Michael
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