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  • Charles Bradley - Scrum Coach CSP CSM PSM
    Jun 30, 2012
      I remember in my CSM class in 2008 that someone in the class was saying that Yahoo had tried Scrum and thrown it out because it couldn't support their rapidly changing priorities, etc.  It sounded like to me that they were a in high churn environment, which usually smacks of a dysfunction of some sort.

      Fast forward to present day, and I'm having all kinds of problems accessing my Yahoo Calendar.  I'm one of the 3 people in the world that doesn't use the Outlook Calendar or the Outlook Mail client (though as I get more and more appointments from managers and executives I think I need to give up and just do it), and have always used the Yahoo calendar and enjoyed it.

      From what I've read and experienced, Yahoo has had some serious failures wrt Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Calendar.

      Though I have absolutely no hard evidence(other than a 3rd hand report in my CSM class) to back any of this up, I am now wondering if a) Scrum was telling Yahoo something and b) if throwing out Scrum was a successful move for them.

      Having said all of that, my guess is that, if they a lot of technical debt, process debt, and/or defects in their systems, that it probably has very little to do with Scrum directly, except maybe via the Definition of Done.

      Does anyone else have any info on Yahoo that might explain their technical or process problems?  (Their business problems are a whole different animal)
      Charles Bradley

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