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55301Pay it forward / Donation Scrum Trainings - June - August 2012

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  • Bachan Anand
    Jun 17, 2012
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      Hi everyone ,

      This post is regarding "Pay it Forward/Donation" Agile & Scrum workshops we have been conducting across US and India in the past 1 year and we have a large number of those trainings planned in June - August of 2011 and hence we are looking for support from Scrum & Agile Community to spread the word about this training .

      Vision behind these trainings other than spreading the word on Agile & Scrum is to let the attendees pay any amount they want to attend the workshops.

      Currently we have around 30 trainings planned in the next 3 months in New York, Buffalo,NY,Austin , Tampa , Orlando , Seattle , Jakarta ( Indonesia ) to name a few cities.Here is the link with details about the trainings in June - August of 2012 - http://agile.conscires.com/pay-it-forward-agile-scrum-in-summer-2012/ 

      Please email me privately or contact us at pif@... if you need more info about these trainings.

      I did give some serious though before posting this on a discussion forum , however I felt important to let the community know what we have been building over the past 1 year.

      -Bachan Anand