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55256Express checkout during a sprint

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  • fortheloveofmathematics
    Jun 5, 2012
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      Hi Everyone,

      How does everyone handle high priority items that come in during the middle of a sprint?

      Currently both of my teams run one week sprints. Coming up we will be all switching to two week sprints because of the type of work we are doing.

      Now a few of our product people are worrying that they won't be able to get high priority items in mid-sprint. Part of this is unavoidable because we make all our revenue on advertising and when a deal is made we have strict deadlines.

      I would prefer not interrupt sprints for that kind of stuff, and mentioned we could possibly allocate 10-15% of our sprint to those type of items and if they don't arise work on our tech debt.

      Any other ways of handling that?

      Thank you
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