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54923Looking for Advise on Standup, burndown, and tracking progress

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  • tony_t_tubbs
    Apr 16, 2012
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      Management's desire has been and is to use ScrumWorks so they can run reports so they can see progress. The team often feels like this is forcing a tool that doesn't always fit. Our current situation is a POC sprint that has a lot of R&D to do. We do not know hours like we might otherwise. We have estimated story points relative to each other. We know when we start, and we know when and what MUST be done - a functioning POC of specific key concepts and business functions by June 1 as proof we can do a full implementation.

      Really, the POC containing the stories we've identified MUST be done. Whatever that takes. Longer hours or what not. The management wants hours in scrumworks so they can see if we are on track or not. I've suggested burndown only stores, or perhaps story points. (Which doesn't fit into ScrumWorks reporting I guess) They claim this is too high level to make adjustments, that being off track will not show in the chart until it's too late. By then longer hours or adding people or whatever will just be too late.

      Note that I personally, and expect many of you, would put this scenario into ScrumButt category. Assuming there's nothing I can do about that for the moment, please advise what I can actually do to best meet the needs/desires. If it can be done in a way that could convince management there's a better way, then all the better for me and my fellow developers.

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