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54868Re: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum Implementation for Re-Engineering projects

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  • Adrian Howard
    Apr 12, 2012
      On 12 Apr 2012, at 08:50, animgpt wrote:

      > I am looking for information on implementing scrum on re-engineering projects.
      > My project has a legacy code without any documentation. Code needs to be read, understood, and recoded in a newer technology.

      If your team doesn't already have a copy I would *strongly* recommend getting everybody to read Michael Feathers' "Working Effectively with Legacy Code". Chock full of excellent advice.

      > I don't have a product backlog, no idea of estimate for each module, etc. unless code is digged into.
      > I am finding lots of difficulties in implementing scrum on such a project.
      > Anyone who has used scrum on similar project, please suggest.

      Why does it need to be moved to the new technology? How is the move happening? Does everything need to be launched at one time? Basically - start digging into the business reasons for the move.

      Once you have more of an understanding of those they'll hopefully give you some clues as to how you can approach it incrementally, which will in turn let you start having a conversation with the PO about producing a prioritised backlog.

      Can you talk about a specific example? That might let people give more useful feedback.


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