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54017Re: [scrumdevelopment] Launching a new team on Agile / Scrum

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Feb 1, 2012
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      On 2/1/12 6:13 AM, Michael Jones wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > We're about to launch a new team on a new stream of work and we're going
      > to be using Scrum.
      > Some team members (the minority) have used Scrum before. Also, some have
      > worked with each other, others are newbies.
      > So my question is, before going into the first sprint planning, do you
      > have any ideas on how to give a team a good introduction to Agile and
      > get them into the right mindset?
      > E.g. would you deliver a presentation detailing the ethos and the
      > process artefacts etc? How do you make it more interactive and get the
      > team to internalise the values?

      You might try the "59-Minute Scrum" exercise to give people a flavor

      > Is it reasonable to ask them to read the manifesto, scrum guide, etc?

      Sure, but I doubt that will be sufficient.

      > (some ideas we discussed here were getting them to convert each point in
      > the Agile manifesto to 3 key words, etc - a bit cringe-y perhaps, but
      > good as an icebreaker)

      It seems to me that you not only want people to have some understanding
      of Agile, but you want them to build a shared understanding.
      Transitioning to Agile is, itself, a project--on top of the nominal
      project. As such, it's risky to expect people to just pick it up by
      osmosis from others around them.

      I've started to think that some sort of project (and transition)
      chartering is the best way to grow common understanding and get things
      started with everyone moving in roughly the same direction. You might
      find Ainsley and Diana's book, Liftoff (http://amzn.to/zxO6n9) to be
      useful if you go in this direction.

      - George

      * George Dinwiddie * http://blog.gdinwiddie.com
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      Consultant and Coach http://www.agilemaryland.org
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