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53942Re: Size of team a barrier to SCRUM and Agile

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  • woynam
    Jan 18, 2012
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      Well, why don't you start with working on a single project at a time. I'm fairly confident that context switching is reducing your productivity. You're also guaranteeing that all but one project will be delivered later than they would if you serialized the development.

      What is a "good level of effort"? It sounds like the team is pulled in 5 directions at once. Can't the CIO prioritize? Surely *one* of the projects has to have a higher priority than the others, no?

      If the CIO can't prioritize, then how are the team members supposed to prioritize the work?


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Mike Frymyer <mfrymyer@...> wrote:
      > I am a project manager and I work for an IT department that has 5
      > developers. Those 5 developers are working on 4 - 5 projects at any given
      > time. They are also responsible for support and maintenance.
      > My CIO is very frustrated with the fact that they are unable to provide goo
      > levels of efforts for their work. This leads to late deliverables. He is
      > also pushing us very hard toward Agile methods thinking that will fix all
      > of our problems.
      > A typical development timeframe for the vast majority of our products is
      > between 40 and 400 hours. This is for .NET and Business Objects reporting.
      > I have taken the SCRUMMaster classes and from all that I see you need to
      > have dedicated teams to a specific work effort. This is due in large part
      > that a developer needs to be present at all times; such as during the User
      > Story definition and then decomposing the User Stories into more
      > detailed requirements during the development or SPRINT.
      > I have been trying to capture the detailed requirements for the backlog to
      > eliminate the need tp have a developer spend time with the customer, but my
      > boss says I am taking too long on the requirements (usually about 30 hours
      > in as coompressed a time span as schedules will allow).
      > I am looking for suggestions on what I may be doing wrong and how I might
      > be able to utilize Agile without a dedicated development team to each
      > effort.
      > Mike
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