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  • Michael Wollin
    Dec 2, 2011
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      We rotate one of our development teams to do support for a period of months. Their work is partly planned, and partly reactive. We have a triage process that looks at incoming issues. We fix critical issues immediately and otherwise create a story for the backlog for the issue. That story will be pointed by the team and prioritized by the customer.

      Our PO team created a "story" called "Triage." They use it in Mingle to keep track of emerging support tasks. I am uncomfortable with this and I am looking for help making the case that this is not what we really want to be doing. The Triage story ends at the end of the sprint, i.e., the story would be Sprint 109 Triage.

      I presume this is a tracking tool driven "need."

      Do you agree with me that this is not best practice and it is a perversion of the notion of a story? How can I persuade the POs to use another approach? Am I missing something?


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