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53011Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: When managers estimate on behalf of the team in sprint planning

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  • Joshua Partogi
    Nov 1, 2011
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      On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 2:25 AM, Michael James <mj4scrum@...> wrote:

      On Oct 31, 2011, at 8:30 AM, David A Barrett wrote:

      > Well, you could start by not inviting him to the Sprint planning meetings.

      Yeah, I'm confused by the original question. Scrum defines three roles: Product Owner, Team, and ScrumMaster. The question implied the "manager" is not a team member or ScrumMaster. So is he the Product Owner, or what? If he's only a stakeholder, it would be more appropriate to involve him in the Sprint Review Meetings than the Sprint Planning Meetings. If he has concerns about what the team is doing, they should be directed toward the Product Owner.

      Regarding the estimates: they don't matter. The Sprint Planning Meeting is a collaborative negotiation involving the PO and the Team. Teams should pull as much work into the Sprint as they feel they can do properly ("properly" would include without overtime), regardless of any numbers associated with the PBIs and tasks. So what do the estimates matter? The manager can make up what ever numbers he wants. The Sprint is fixed length, and the team decides how much work to commit to.


      Hi Michael,

      As you can see, Scrum is not well understood in this organization. If the manager already understand it, he wouldn't estimate on behalf of the team in the Sprint Planning Meeting. 

      Kindest regards,

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