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  • Kiran Badi
    Sep 30, 2011
      I agree with Malcolm.If I have to say it in one line, you have smart enough to know when to pull and when to push and this applies to all stakeholders.

      Also Just ensure that they often ask, why,where, when ,and how , if they are not asking this, then you can safely assume you will be working in thrilling project which you will always remember forever.

      On 9/30/2011 5:05 AM, Malcolm Anderson wrote:  


      One of the biggest gains for QA folks moving to Scrum is an increase importance of their role.

      As an irresponsible generalization developers create and testers destroy.
      Developers need to learn to ask themselves the question, "how is someone going to break this?"  Testers can teach this to developers.

      Testers can get involved in the design process and have their test plans roughed out before development begins.
      This often leads to better designs because in a waterfall shop, the first time QA sees the design is often too late to do anything about design flaws.

      Testers also quickly become the trusted lieutenants of the product owner who begin to say, "It's done if QA-John says it's done"

      On the other hand, testers have to learn to be partners in the development process.  I have seen testers who didn't want to help developers because the needed to find bugs to justify their position, and how can they do that if the developers kill all the bugs before it gets to integration testing?

      Also, testers have gotten used to being the last bastion of quality and will sometimes fight to the death that the product can't be released tomorrow, until the spelling mistake on a button is fixed, while at the same time insisting that they (the testing department) have 2 weeks to test and certify the product after the change of spelling has been implemented.

      Be warned that some testers will view this whole agile practice as a bad thing because it exposes them to accountability that they have never before been exposed to. 

      Also, QA managers will sometimes fight an agile adoption because they believe that it will threaten their job.  This can be a valid fear in certain organizations. 

      I hope that list will be helpful in getting you started.

      Does anyone else have any Waterfall-QA-Dev-Release-Nightmare-Stories to share?


      Malcolm Anderson
      Scrum Coach & Agile Engineer

      On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 5:54 PM, Riju Kansal <riju.kansal@...> wrote:

      I have been given an opportunity to present a session on agile testing to a group of QA people. 

      Some background about myself. I am also a QA in my present role but have worked in agile scrum teams as a developer, QA and SM. I am also a CSM. 

      I want to utilise this opportunity to present to QA group who are working in highly waterfall environment, a really convincing case or details abt working in agile teams. What r the various Qs I can expect? They all are from the world of QA sign offs. 

      But we have 3 new projects which have started using scrum since last 3-4 weeks. 

      So I want to request help from this community for ideas and learnings and maybe some pointers to good info/material which I can use for this session (to infect people with agile) I have next week. 

      Thanks in advance. 
      Riju VK

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