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52383Re: How do we enforce the team to run CMMI process without authority?

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  • jsutherland
    Sep 4, 2011
      There is only one CMMI Level 5 organization that has Scrum as the standard process (although I've done some training in an IBM organization that claimed to be CMMI 5).

      This is Systematic in Denmark and there are several papers describing their implementation at scrum.jeffsutherland.com (click on Jeff Sutherland's Papers link).

      They consistently get 80% reduction in planning costs, 50% reduction in overall project costs, and 40% reduction in defects across the company. They can still do a perfect waterfall but they bid this at twice the cost of a Scrum project.

      These are not hyperproductive results (these are cross company results) and they have some hyperproductive teams that can deliver at 25% of the cost of the same project with the same people using waterfall.

      Scrum teams always need to follow the basic engineering practices implemented by management so these guys just meet the CMMI Level 5 requirements at the end of every sprint.

      Carsten Jakobsen, the process leader of Systematic is usually willing to discuss these issues with those implementing CMMI. Since I think he has the best data on CMMI and Scrum on the planet you should probably talk to him about it.

      Jeff Sutherland

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Joshua Partogi <joshua.java@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > So in the organization that is CMMI Level 5, how do we ensure that the CMMI
      > processes are run and employed by the team without telling them to do it
      > because Scrum team is self-managed. Has anyone here any experience being in
      > a CMMI L5 organization running Scrum?
      > Thanks heaps for the suggestions.
      > --
      > @jpartogi
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