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51531Re: [scrumdevelopment] New Employee Training

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  • And Gon
    Jun 3, 2011
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      We do similar to Dave and try to assign "valued" tasks as soon as possible to the new member, although may not be critical for the first 2 sprints. Pairing is a must but also explaining what a heck is this "new" thing called SCRUM, if he didn't know from a previous work.


      2011/6/2 Dave Rooney <daverooneyca@...>

      A technique I've seen used successfully is to have the team on which the new person will be working create a 'backlog' of all the things that person will need to know and learn in order to be a contributing member.  That could include items such as how to configure their workstation and development environment, how to get and submit code & tests, where any team documentation is and what the new person needs to read, etc.

      The team prioritizes those backlog items and, with the new person, creates a training plan.  Some of the items may actually become tasks within the team's sprint backlog, and pairing is used extensively.  What this technique does NOT do is have the new person spend more than a few hours isolated from the work that the rest of the team is doing.

      Dave Rooney
      Agile Coach & Co-founder
      Westboro Systems

      On 2011-06-01, at 10:07 AM, "jpett78" <jpett78@...> wrote:


      In a Scrum/Agile environment how is the training and on-boarding of a new team member supposed to be accomplished? Should it be part of a sprint?

      Please let me know what you think.

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