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51222Scrum Teams: Shu-Ha-Ri ?

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  • Charles Bradley - Scrum Coach CSM PSM I
    May 11 12:42 PM
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      I'd be curious what other people on this list think about the maturity of Scrum teams out there.  (By "Scrum team", I mean any team that thinks they are doing Scrum or something very close to Scrum)

      What percentage of Scrum teams at each level (Shu, Ha, Ri)?

      Here is my perception:

      Shu: 85%
      Ha: 12%
      Ri: 3%

      Shu: 90%
      Ha: 4%
      Ri:  1%

      (I realize I have a bias.)

      What is your perception?

      Charles Bradley, CSM, PSM I
      Experienced Scrum Coach
      My blog: http://scrumcrazy.wordpress.com/

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