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50972Starting out - research, learning, preparation or real user stories?

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  • a.bobrovskiy
    Apr 28, 2011
      Hello, Scrum Community!

      We are just starting out a new project with a new team. Our challenge is that we need to build a complex JavaScript-based user-friendly interactive drag-n-drop kind of an application. We really do not have good experience building that complex applications in JavaScript.

      As a tech lead, I want to take some time for research and experimentation with various frameworks and libraries, doing some toy-projects on various frameworks and approaches. In this case I can create product backlog items for each research or experiment goal and supply it to the product owner with an explanation that these items should be highest priority because we need it. Is this the way it is usually done? Or may be scrum teams do it differently?

      Thank you for any help!

      Artem B.
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