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50672Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: User Story Maturity

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  • Peter Stevens (calendar)
    Mar 31, 2011
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      Hi Charles,

      I tend to agree with Maurice that an assessment which focuses on a score can lead people to a) game the system or b) focus on someone else's "best practice" without really thinking about their own problems.

      Have you looked at Henrik Kniberg's Scrum Checklist? A total of some 40 questions, grouped and prioritized.  You answer each with yes or no. I've found it useful as a self-assessment - the questions are more talking points than a number you want to achieve.


      On 4/1/11 8:28 AM, scrumnl wrote:

      What my worries a bit are with such ratings of a practice is that people want to get the highest score, as in the more points we have the better we are doing.

      Let's say they don't have a PO 100% allocated, but still are doing perfectly fine with the interaction with this person. Your test would tell them that that is 'wrong'.

      I don't believe that there is a single way of telling how people should do Scrum, whether they should do users stories and if they do user stories how to do them.

      I'm afraid your test, or any other test with scoring, will radiate the message that there is 'A Single Way To Do Things'. People over process.

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