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50671Re: [scrumdevelopment] Poll: Hours or Story Points?

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  • Peter Stevens (calendar)
    Mar 31, 2011
      Hi Rafael

      1.) Count of Tasks
      2) Much lower overhead. A task is timeboxed to one day or less. Each task represents 'the goal for the day' (or perhaps something as small as a reminder to do something important). This does away with the estimating and re-estimating. The goal of the Story Point burn down can be achieved by limiting the number of PBI's in Progress simultaneously. My favorite is 1 PBI for every 2 team members. This forces pairing and encourages focus on getting open PBI's done, rather than taking on one new work



      On 4/1/11 5:25 AM, Rafael Nascimento wrote:  

      Hi guys!

      Just a small poll:

      1. How do you generate your sprint burndown charts? Considering hours or story points?
      2. Why?

      Rafael Nascimento

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