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5058Re: FW: [scrumdevelopment] Frequent Releases

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  • todd
    Oct 29, 2004
      Shimmings, Ian wrote:

      > My current hobby-horse! Release as soon as it is possible.
      But no sooner.

      To be my usual tiresome self i would like to interject a little "it
      depends" here.

      Define an ideal and come up with a rubric for pattern variation.

      These absolute rules always frustrate me because it does depend.

      The ideal is release as often and soon as possible.

      What that means in each context is something different.

      For example, in one of my favorite projects i was working on a large
      internal web site that had over 100 simultaneous active heavy users. It used
      perl and CGI so i made live changes continually. There was never
      a real release of anything. This worked 99% of the time and it
      was exciting.

      Training was an issue and i tried not to break features, but that's
      not always possible or even desirable. You can't make stuff
      better if you can't break it.

      On another project each release cost millions of dollars because an
      entire nationwide network had to be upgraded and we could cut all
      data traffic in large regions of north America. This customer treated
      each release like a nuclear attack so releases were infrequent to
      say the least. Yet other customers in a similar situation
      didn't care and wanted releases much faster.

      On another project the software was more your traditional enterprise
      software that was installed using installshield or whatever. Typically
      everyone was always very busy so releases were more of
      an annoyance to them.
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