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  • Matthew
    Mar 3 12:17 PM
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Geetha Anand <reachgeethaanand@...> wrote:
      > HI,
      > I would like to know how Technical Debt is usually measured and reported
      > and how it is used.
      > Thanks
      > Geetha

      There are a bunch of measurements for code: Cyclomatic Complexity, CrapForJ, etc.

      That said, overall, I am more interested in /qualitative assessment/ over /quantiative/.

      In other words, I'm more interested in the story over some number.

      The first book is out in this field - "Managing Software Debt" by Chris Sterling; I did an interview with him last week:


      I would be /*VERY*/ reluctant to reduce something as complex as tech debt to a single number, or even a balanced scorecard.

      For a longer discussion about using measurements in software, please allow me to recommend "Software Engineering Metrics: What do they measure and how do we know?"



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      Date: Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 8:54 AM
      Subject: Ready for your feedback: Best SW Test Writing
      To: Walker E Royce <weroyce@...>, james bach <james@...>, Bernie Berger <bernie@...>, "Gregory M. Pope" <pope12@...>

      I've completed typing in your chapters into Best SW Test Writing and have created an introduction.

      The next step is to review your chapters and create a "What I have learned since" section at the bottom.

      (A) You may disagree with how I characterized the introduction. If you do, drop me a line

      (B) You might not be interested in writing "what I have learned since" (Greg's article is pretty new and complete) or want to characterize it differently. If you do, just drop me a note, I'm flexible.

      If you can review and add a postscript to your chapter, I have everything I'll need to send the proposal to the publisher.

      If you can't get to it within two weeks, let me know, i'll submit without it and you can make changes by -- say -- June 1st?

      Oh, I move fast.


      Walker/Winston Royce:
      Managing the development of Large Software Systems

      Greg Pope:
      "Test" is a Four Letter Word

      James Bach:
      Software Test Automation Snake Oil ("what I learned since" /is/ the follow-up chapter)
      Agile Test Automation

      Bernie Berger:
      Efficient Testing with All Pairs


      Matthew Heusser,
      Personal Blog: http://xndev.blogspot.com/
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