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50456Re: [scrumdevelopment] Deviating from Scrum: The standup meeting

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  • Chuck B
    Mar 2, 2011
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      > > Any thoughts about this? Similar experiences? Anybody know a format
      > > for the standup meeting that is a good fit for a small team?

      > I'd say a format that is chosen by the team to give them value is a good
      > fit.

      >   - George


      I don't know about this.  What if the team chooses the "no standup" format?  What if they choose to just say what they are working on and that's it?  I just don't know about entrusting the team to choose whatever format they want, especially not a team that is well versed in Scrum.  You did say "chosen by the team to give them value "  Who determines whether the format gives them value or not?

      Some material from the Scrum Guide(bold emphasis from me):
      "The ScrumMaster ensures that the Team has the meeting. The Team is
      responsible for conducting the Daily Scrum. The ScrumMaster teaches
      the Team to keep the Daily Scrum short by enforcing the rules and
      making sure that people speak briefly. The ScrumMaster also enforces
      the rule that chickens are not allowed to talk or in anyway interfere
      with the Daily Scrum.
      The Daily Scrum is not a status meeting. It is not for anyone but the
      people transforming the Product Backlog items into an increment (the
      Team). The Team has committed to a Sprint Goal, and to these
      Product Backlog items. The Daily Scrum is an inspection of the
      progress toward that Sprint Goal (the three questions). Follow-on
      meetings usually occur to make adaptations to the upcoming work in
      the Sprint. The intent is to optimize the probability that the Team will
      meet its Goal. This is a key inspect and adapt meeting in the Scrum
      empirical process. "

      Note that last sentence.  (Mostly to Peter)I'd be VERY wary of removing the Daily Scrum since it's a "...key inspect and adapt meeting..."

      Charles Bradley, CSM, PSM I
      Experienced Scrum Coach
      My blog: http://scrumcrazy.wordpress.com/

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