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50453Re: Deviating from Scrum: The standup meeting

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  • peterskeide
    Mar 2 10:59 AM
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Charles Bradley - Scrum Coach CSM PSM I <chuck-lists2@...> wrote:
      > peterskeide,
      > I was wondering if you could share some more context with us about your
      > question.
      > How big is your Scrum team?

      4, including me.

      > Is the PO collocated with the dev team?

      More or less (next door).

      > What % of the PO's time does the PO spend working with the dev team?

      He is available to us pretty much when we need it. He attends all the usual meetings, and we schedule regular backlog grooming sessions (working with him to get these sessions running smoothly).

      > As the ScrumMaster, are you also a developer on the team?

      Yes. And this can be a bit of a problem. Generally, I would prefer not to mix these two roles. As it is, one of our greates impediments is lack of capacity, and I feel I have to devote some time to development, sometimes more than I'm comfortable with while wearing both hats. The issue has been flagged and people are being hired, but this takes time. As it is, we have had to make the organization face some 'brutal' truths about what we are able to deliver.

      > Does the PO wear more than one hat as well?

      Yes. I'm working with him to help him understand what is required of a PO. As a Scrum Master, getting this role working well is a high priority. He is very motivated, skilled in the domain, and I have hopes :-). I'm also trying to ensure that upper management gives him the mandate he needs to fulfill this role. Changing his other responsibilities is a natural part of this as I see it.

      > When does your dev team update the sprint backlog and sprint burndown?

      Burndown at the end or beginning of each day. Sprint Backlog (story board) is updated continuously as people start and finish stories.

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      > Charles Bradley, CSM, PSM I
      > Experienced Scrum Coach
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