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50246Re: Refactoring type work in Scrum

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  • charles_bradley_scrum_coach
    Feb 3, 2011
      > In these areas <list/>, we still have old technology. If we ever
      > have to do work on these areas, it will cost about N days each
      > plus however long the actual features take, typically two days. If
      > we wait until then, changes will require N+2 days. Or, we could do
      > the prep work now, skipping N days of features now, so that it
      > would only take two days if and when you need changes over there.

      In that case, I might say, "Depending on how long you wait, N could turn into 1.5N, 2N, or 3N. Right now the team is very quick at doing this conversion due to the skillset of the team and the fact that we've been doing a lot of this type of conversion lately. As time moves on, the team will most likely lose some of the old technology knowledge or familiarity, so N could turn into 1.3N, 1.5N, 2N, 3N, etc, depending on how long you wait."

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