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50226Re: [scrumdevelopment] Refactoring type work in Scrum

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Feb 2, 2011
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      Hello, Charles. On Wednesday, February 2, 2011, at 6:57:42 PM,
      you wrote:

      > In the context of Scrum, and based on your previous answer, does the team then
      > just estimate the size of these backlog items taking into account some extra
      > ramp up time for each?

      In the kindest possible way: is there any other approach that could
      work? If we didn't include this time, wouldn't we fall behind
      immediately and also ship a new crappy system instead of the old
      crappy system?

      > The main theme of many of these scenarios is technical work on the system under
      > development that cannot be successfully sold to the PO as adding enough business
      > value to bring the technical work to the top of the backlog. Have you ever seen
      > examples of this technical work that cannot be attached to new backlog items,
      > but still should probably be completed for the health of the system under
      > development, or possibly to help increase overall velocity/quality in the
      > future, or possibly some other wise reason?

      Only if you are doing something like changing languages. And even
      then, consider Strangler.

      > (I'm not talking re-writes of major portions of a system here.)(Also, in case
      > you're wondering, I'm not about to advocate the use of the term "Technical
      > Story" or anything like that)

      Feel free to use them if you want to. And feel free to notice that
      your Product Owner cannot understand why they're important, and
      refuses to schedule them.

      Think in terms of why most of us do not eat right or exercise as we
      should. Taking October off to get in shape just won't cut it.

      Ron Jeffries
      Wisdom begins when we discover the difference between
      "That makes no sense" and "I don't understand". --Mary Doria Russell
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