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50190Re: [scrumdevelopment] Break from sprinting - a strategy sprint

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  • Seyit Caglar Abbasoglu
    Feb 1, 2011
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      The team becomes so engaged in developing on the same project or product that they sometimes lose site of the bigger picture architecturally.

      IMO this is dangerous and should not be allowed. And if a team really lost site of architecture, it might be really hard to get back line in just one sprint on a long running project.

      But I always loved the idea of an innovation week. Where members of team (either individually or in groups) make something which they just want to do, for one week. Might be a small tool, or might be a technology spike. Just something they can start from scratch with all the experience they got from previous sprints.

      Playing on the same code base (even it would be brilliant) is just boring sometimes.
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