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50185Re: [scrumdevelopment] Break from sprinting - a strategy sprint

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  • Dave Rooney
    Feb 1, 2011
      On 01/02/2011 1:16 PM, bennyou.cpt1 wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I would like to get the communities opinion on the following:
      > Assuming that after implementing Scrum the team becomes self-managing and becomes hyper productive and all that good stuff.
      > Delivering sprint in and sprint out can almost cause content fatigue. The team becomes so engaged in developing on the same project or product that they sometimes lose site of the bigger picture architecturally.
      > Has anyone else ever tried or considered breaking in between a long set of sprints and just regrouping with some sort of strat sprint?
      > What is the communities thoughts on this?

      My first thought is, "Why has the team lost sight of the bigger picture
      architecturally?" Why hasn't that been a consideration during all sprints?
      Dave Rooney
      Westboro Systems
      Web: http://www.WestboroSystems.com
      Blog: http://practicalagility.blogspot.com
      Twitter: daverooneyca
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