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5[scrumdevelopment] Re: Extreme Programming

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  • Yonat Sharon
    Feb 6, 2000
      VIRMAN@... wrote:
      > Is anyone familiar with Extreme Programming?

      It seems to me that XP adds several programming-specific practices to
      Scrum. Seen from another angle, Scrum is the part of XP that is not

      > I'm trying to pull together an interaction mapping so we can see how
      > they mutually support each other.

      I think several practices are essentially the same, other are partly

      1. The Backlog is equivalent to XP's stack of cards with User Stories
      Engineering Tasks. Both simplify project planning enough to make it
      easy to change.

      2. The Daily Scrum Meeting is equivalent to XP's Standup Meeting.

      3. Sprints are equivalent to XP's iterations.

      4. The Scrum Master is similar to XP's coach.

      5. Chickens and Pigs can have the end result of XP's Customer On Site.

      Have fun,

      "The nice thing about standards is that
      there are so many of them to choose from."
      -- Andrew S. Tanenbaum
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