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  • Robert Molchon
    Jan 14, 2011
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      Having weekly estimation meetings are good for a number of reasons. First, you can keep them short and time box them fairly rigidly. If you leave the estimation right until before the planning the meeting can drag and there is a lot of pressure to estimate everything on the list to be prepared for the selection process.


      More importantly, having them weekly, gives the team more opportunities to practice the actual action of estimating. The more often we do something, the better we are at it. I would rather have the team get 48 opportunities to hold an estimation meeting than just 12 in a year.


       Incidentally, I think this why most organizations are not very good at performance reviews. They make them annually therefore managers and employees don’t have a log of practice with the process. It would be much better and probably less work if they held them monthly or quarterly.


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      You have received some good answers here. I won't reiterate them, but I will add a comment about your statement: "...a weekly backlog estimation meeting to go through any unestimated items on the backlog..."

      Unless your backlog is only 2 Sprints deep, be sure you aren't wasting team time on needless estimation of PBIs that may never be built. Instead of a weekly "estimation" meeting, why not have a weekly "backlog grooming" meeting where the team also helps the PO prioritize the higher priority items on the existing backlog, as well as estimate new high-priority tasks?

      Maybe this is what you already do?


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Robert Molchon <rob.molchon@...> wrote:

      > Hello fellow scrum enthusiasts,
      > I was wondering what people thought of having the Product Owner attend the
      Team's product backlog estimation meetings?
      > On one hand it can be a good thing, as the Product Owner can help provide
      color and answer questions regarding the meaning of the backlog items that the team is estimating. This is what we currently do. Each team has a weekly backlog estimation meeting to go through any unestimated items on the backlog and the Product Owner generally attends.
      > On the other hand, I have noticed that being in the estimation meeting can
      lead to less well written backlog items since the PO knows that he or she will be in the meeting to explain it to the team.
      > What, dear friends, do you think?
      > Thanks
      > Rob
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