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49709Re: [scrumdevelopment] Using points/velocity for productivity measure

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Jan 5, 2011
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      On 1/5/11 6:47 PM, Salil Prasad wrote:
      > I am having difficulty in challenging the management mindset that
      > comparing points and velocity across multiple teams should not be
      > measure of productivity. Can someone points me to resources where it
      > articulates clearly why this is a wrong notion and what are its pitfalls.

      The original blog posting is lost, but you can find this quote from Dave
      Nicolette on InfoQ

      "How many Elephant Points are there in the veldt? Let's conduct a poll
      of the herds. Herd A reports 50,000 kg. Herd B report 84 legs. Herd C
      reports 92,000 lb. Herd D reports 24 head. Herd E reports 546 elephant
      sounds per day. Herd F reports elephant skin rgb values of (192, 192,
      192). Herd G reports an average height of 11 ft. So, there are 50,000 +
      84 + 92,000 + 24 + 546 + 192 + 11 = 142,857 Elephant Points in the
      veldt. The average herd has 20,408.142857143 Elephant Points. We know
      this is a useful number because there is a decimal point in it."

      - George

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