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49483Should issues and defects create user stories on the product backlog?

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  • Sten
    Dec 2, 2010
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      No, I am not talking about bugs we create from the user stories that are completed during sprints. The team is configuring an Off-The-Shelf (OTS) product and in this way adjusting functionality that is already in the product, but also modifying and implementing new functionality by plug-in scripts and small chunks of code.
      When there are bugs detected in the product (that is also under development, but handled by the supplier) we find our selves spending a lot of time testing new releases of the product, logging issues and bugs. We do have dates on when to expect new releases containing new and updated functionality from the supplier, and may therefore plan the testing a little up front by defining user stories.
      How should we organize the work so that it is visible how much effort the bugs in the OTS product really demands?
      Fixing bugs introduced by the external manufacturer wouldn't be value for the business, would it?
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