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49478Re: Keeping cross-cutting tasks visible (without technical stories)

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  • banshee858
    Dec 2, 2010
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Paul Tevis <ptevis@...> wrote:
      > The team I'm on right now is about four months into a Scrum
      > transition, and we're finally starting to deal with technical debt
      > reduction and technical practice improvement. One thing that I'm
      > struggling with is how to make the work that we're doing on these
      > visible to the team, while at the same time keeping our focus on
      > delivering customer value (i.e. doing real stories).
      > My concerns are (1) as soon as we start tracking non-story tasks we'll
      > lose focus on delivering customer value, and (2) if we don't make
      > these sorts of tasks visible, we won't make progress on them at the
      > rate we need to. What are good patterns you've seen for dealing with
      > technical tasks that aren't directly attached to a story (or that cut
      > across multiple stories)?
      Have you tried something like this?

      List all the technical debt stuff on little post-it notes adjacent to the Task Board. When a Product Backlog item (PBI) is selected for a Sprint, look at the technical debt pieces and find the pieces that make sense to finish while working on the PBI. Add those to the scope of work for the PBI and estimate how long it will take to complete the feature and the technical debt pieces.

      That way you make the technical debt work visible, you can prioritize it and link it to real value.

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